Monday, August 8, 2016

Follow thou me....

Follow thou me....
This invitation was said many times this week has we struggled to find people willing to hear our message. I can say that the mission is a place full of temptations, trials, and rejection but its a place where we get to walk with Christ, teach with Him, and experience the same joy that He felt when he extended His invitation "FOLLOW THOU ME" I know that it is by serving Him that we are filled with light. Yes our bodies might be weakened but this week I learned that our light NEVER stops growing. If someone says it has, its only because we extinguish it. I testify that we will never be lost and that our trials will be lightened as we follow Him.  For its the same course that our ancestors followed when they were led to the promised land. Its in Alma37:45 that we see that if we follow the words of Christ they will carry us beyond this veil of sorrow into a far better land of promise.

I love you all!  Time goes by so fast here and soon I'll be there, but for now I'll work hard, give my all, and bring others unto the knowledge of a better tomorrow.

Elder Blanco

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