Tuesday, July 5, 2016

God gave me such a beautiful family!

This week a hurricane of blessings and trials came roaring through this area! It was a week of provation for me. I can tell how much the Lord loves me though for every time I was attacked, I remembered all of you, and sure enough its like I saw you all blocking the boulders, giving me hope and lifting me up! I have no idea how God gave me such a beautiful family! I feel I don't deserve you all. I am a soldier in His army and I can say I was trained by the most loving ward, by loving parents, and most of all I was prepared even before this life. My missionaries are and will always be a part of my growth and conversion. I cant wait to one day be the same source of strength for others. I testify that you all are Spiritual Giants! Fight on, trust in Him, and most of all uplift one another! Remember that it all starts within the walls of our homes! Love one another, put on GODS ARMOR and head out into a world of trials knowing that you will not face them alone!

Elder Blanco

I heard that Elder Mackey is still there! I hope that the rest of his mission is in our ward, for I know that he is in good hands! How is DJ and the rest of the ward? I miss you all so much!  Happy 4th Love you all!!!!!!!