Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Brothers and sisters the moment you have all been waiting for.....

đŸ“£Brothers and sisters the moment you have all been waiting for..... ha the moment when I went to eat at our pension and found that the mystery dish was... no other than vegetables and BEANS!! ahh!!!  But I told God I would be obedient and do and go where ever he would want me to and I did it!!!  I suffered and ate them with a gallon of juice haha.................

But on a serious note, I learned so much this week!  I learned that as missionaries we are not only set apart from the world, but we are given a power to give promises, and as we do so, if the people that we give those promises to are faithful and act upon it, they will be able to receive them.  I never thought about it until this weekend when I saw a dad activate himself in the church and baptize his two kids  Joy filled my heart for many didn't have faith that he could do it. But thanks to the promises God gave him and his family, they are now walking together on a journey that will take them to the Glory of Him who gives to all his everlasting joy!  I know families can be together forever but only through His Son's atonement. I can promise all of you if you keep on walking in his light and are leading others by the light he has given you, much will be the joy when you see many come unto Him.  This we can do and being true disciples of God and the way to be a true son and daughter of Him is given in the scriptures. I saw this in ALMA 7:22-25. I know that if you prepare yourself spiritually and read and ponder all that is said in these verses you will gain the promise that your garments will be spotless in the last days and that you will dwell in His Everlasting Kingdom of glory with Him who has loved you even before you came to be.

 I love you all and know that I'm giving my all to God!  All of you are the source of my joy and strength!
Elder Blanco

Thursday, March 17, 2016

We had 2 baptisms this week and the Spirit just overtook us all!

"And they partook of the fruit and they desired for their families to partake of it also" This was what happened this week. We had 2 baptisms this week and the Spirit just overtook us all! This family is a miracle! It took one to taste the fruit for all of them to follow God. The parents are less active but now they are coming back stronger than ever! I know that this happened, thanks to the baptism of the first daughter, for she was that light that they needed to find their way home. Makes me think of all of us, like the lights in an airport safely instructing the plane to land there but also makes me see that sometimes for an unknown reason we hide our light... AND WHY IS THAT?....For when we hide our light we limit those lost souls progress. For is it not our responsibility to bring them back home to our Father? I can truly say that I have been failing in doing this, for sometimes I have had the opportunity to share the gospel or uplift someone and I didn't. But now that I am here serving, I have seen that I was guided by all of you, my family, and I don't know if you have seen this, but thanks to all of you, I truly know what being surrounded by light feels like! This is the fruit of all your love and hard work and I know that there is more out there. I promise that the Lord will help all of you achieve His work as long as you go out there, share the gospel, nurture it and most of all TRUST IN HIM!

Elder Blanco

Friday, March 11, 2016


This week was amazing! My companion and I saw the blessings that come with giving our all and working hard! Many miracles poured upon us as we saw eager people willing to establish a connection with our Heavenly Father. I can see in this area that so many will be rescued and come back to his fold and many will enter the waters.

In my study in Jacob 5, I saw the olive tree and learned so much about it. How its symbolism throughout history has proved to be of great importance- being a symbol of the house of Israel and associated with peace.  I learned as I read in Genesis 8:11, when the dove returns to Noah's ark and in her mouth she had a leaf of the olive tree as a symbol that God once more was in peace with the earth. It made me realize we are all descendants of the roots that our ancestors planted. Be they good or bad, we all have the duty to look at the way our tree is growing and to make a choice, like in Jacob, and think... do we leave the bad branches in hope that they will one day change and bring forth fruit or act and cut them off so they wont corrupt the good fruit that we have already nurtured? This made me think a lot about our youth and how they are those fruits. I know that we have amazing kids but they are facing so many temptations in this life and its up to us to cut those bad things. I've seen the marvelous things that the gospel can do for them, for my bad branches have been cut off, and now I can really see the good fruit that I am getting here! I advise all the youth to keep on going strong, let nothing stop your goals and may you strive to serve the Lord with all your strength all your life for JESUS CHRIST IS THE OLIVE TREE, THE LIVING SYMBOL OF PEACE IN OUR LIVES AND THE SAVIOR OF ALL WHO WILLINGLY APPLY HIS ATONEMENT IN THEIR LIVES!

Elder Blanco

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Its not always sunny in Bolivia.

Its not always sunny in Bolivia.  Last week I had a massive fever for 4 days. Although I felt so bad, I still didnt want to dissapoint God and my companion, so I gave it my all.  I wont say that it was easy because it was one of the hardest days in my short mission, but I will say that God is amazing and truly blesses those that wont give up!  We had few lessons and many members made us wait, only to later cancel, but this made me become more intense and made me see how lucky I was back home to have a ward full of members that had a hunger for missionary work. After this I had to really pray, for I knew that blessings come after the trial of our faith and they pour on us differently.  This did happen to me literally. We received a pouring of rain which was a blessing! ha! We got to teach many that felt sorry for us that we got soaked, but I know that God softened their hearts and made it possible for us to deliver a message to them.  I dont know if it was the fever or the Spirit, but suddenly the words came out, and I felt really good.  I said things that I didnt even comprehend myself, but when I saw them as they teared up, thats when I realized that even in our weakest moments we are able to deliver powerful inspiring words, that even though they dont make sense, comes from God.

I know that my Savior suffered that day for my afflictions and yours and that no carnal affliction may stop His divine work. I pray for all of you each day and know that when we serve our master he doesn't sit idle rather he picks up his tools and with his strength, he starts working through us.

I love you all and I will encourage all of you to keep on building the steps that lead to that promised land!

Elder Blanco