Saturday, December 10, 2016

I send all my love and gratitude to all of you courageous women.

This week was great!  We did several activities for our small church and it brought the Spirit into our hearts. I have always seen that the strongest people we have in our gospel are all those brave mothers who fight along with their work, house duties, and callings... plus take care of their families with all that they have. To all of you courageous women, I send all my love and gratitude. I saw this week the power of the Relief Society as they visited and brought souls back to church. As we knocked doors and talked to many, we learned that the Lord needs us to work in His vineyard. Sometimes we think that others will do it for us or that He will send the prepared souls to us, but that's not how it works. We need to show Him our efforts and after He has tested our faith, He will then reward us.

I miss you all!  It is hard to see that Christmas is coming and I wont be there with you, but know a piece of all of you is planted in my heart!

Elder Blanco

In this pictures we went to the museum and got to be part of this traditional event where they celebrated Jesus being born. It was great! That big guy next to me is one of the characters from ice age, Sid the sloth, I think!  Ha yea these mammals were the biggest of them all! As we learned that many species that we have in the states, had also been around here, makes me see how God truly created perfection!

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  1. Hey Elder Blanco! Thank you for this sweet message! A good reminder to us that we sometimes need to exert effort and faith and then the Lord will bless us!
    Thank you for sharing your testimony and inspiring message!
    We pray for you and think of you often!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Love Brother and Sister Windell