Thursday, December 29, 2016

I got to feed the cows and to even MILK THEM!!!

Dec 12, 2016
This week was great!  We got to serve so much and I was waiting for this! No one wanted me to serve them here but I kept on asking and I think the Lord answered my prayer! I got to help this family on their farm. I got to feed the cows and to even MILK THEM!!! ha but it was just great. I helped this little boy carry the soda and groceries and it made me remember when I was young and would also do that for my mom. I remember the soda and groceries, where everything felt so heavy and the walk home felt so hard, and to me now, it all felt so light and the walk felt short, IT taught me something! This experience made me see that this also happens in the gospel. We also struggle! We carry the burden of our pains, our afflictions, our sins, even the sadness of losing someone and all that weight makes us want to give up on our road to our Father. But as we keep on going, as we let our Savior help us with our weight, our burdens will be lightened. Our spirit will remember how once before we came to earth, we fought beside Him, we were victorious and we conquered. 

May these Holidays be a remembrance of not only our victory in the heavens but of a Savior that was born for us and that in the same way as He came, delivered to us a new beginning! I love you all and though I'm far, I will remain with all of you throughout this mortal journey!

....Yes things here in this area are so different. I'm beginning to love the people here, though I'm scared. I have been leaving pieces of my heart all over and I wonder how many I have left. I've been thinking and one of the things I would want the most is a picture of all of ward family! I really miss all of your smiling faces! I think that's what I want the most for this holiday, other than that I don't have a clue. Thank you for the things you all tell me and send me! I am really blessed to have you with me and for you all to be part of my mission.

Elder Blanco

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  1. Elder, so glad to see you are doing well and getting stronger in the Lords Gospel. Our prayers are with you daily. We wish you the best in 2017 and may it be filled with the Lords blessings. Bro. And sister Jessup