Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wow being here I totally forgot it was Thanksgiving!

This week was sad. I got transferred from the jungle and away from all my loved ones once more to a farther part in the mountains where it's super cold or super hot depending on the mood of the day. Although its sad, I truly saw the Lord's trust in me and how much He loves His children. I was sent to Tarija to open a new area in this family group that is striving to become a branch. It is truly amazing! I feel like I am in that same place where the church started with only a few members that soon became a blessing to all the earth. I know that with all the help of God, of the members, and through my diligence, these members will gain an answer to all their hard work and prayers. I want them to have their branch and soon there ward so much. I received several impressions that this is truly going to happen for I saw their desire this week and the sun made a circle around the house where the church is... I don't know, it could be a sign! ha ha

I love you all and I will be praying for all of you here.

Wow being here I totally forgot it was Thanksgiving! No turkey here or mashed potatos,  just vegetables and beans!  Hope all of you can enjoy this time together and that you can partake of the greatest thing, which is the love of all the family! I'll surely be praying for all of you!

Elder Blanco

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