Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Change is coming and I really don't want to leave my jungle.

This week was a little sad for the time of changes is coming and I really don't want to leave my jungle.  Its amazing how we go from knowing someone, to loving them, to the point that we know when they are happy, when they are sad, and when they are mad. This is how I feel about this area and the beautiful people that have become my family. Although we enjoyed this week as well. We did a missionary activity that consisted of us, the missionaries, planning everything and letting the members and other leaders relax and enjoy the activity.  It was great.  My companion and I did sandwiches and a cake and made small shirts and dresses to decorate the whole event.  It was an amazing activity that we all enjoyed. That someday we celebrated a b-day from a convert we have and made him another cake.  It was truly chaotic but worth it. Sharing all the different moments with every person in my ward made me see that its true, when we help others we are rewarded with smiles and laughs! This area is amazing and I don't want to leave my little companion... he is the best. I'll surely let everyone know if I leave the jungle.
With love,
Elder Blanco

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