Saturday, June 25, 2016

This week I felt the hand of The Lord so much

This week I felt the hand of The Lord so much. I cant explain how deep my love for Him has grown but I can say that He knows us personally. For some reason I felt this week that some of you needed Him more than ever and through my studies I came upon some scriptures that made me realize that He will be with us as long has we need Him, till the time of our healing. In 3Nephi17:4-6, Jesus was about to go back to His father but in verse 5 it says " he cast his eyes round about again on the multitude, and beheld they were in tears and did look steadfastly upon him as if they would ask him to tarry longer with them." I know that we sometimes feel the same way. We want him to stay a little longer with us after we pray, after that Sunday when we seek him, and I can tell you that we can. He will stay with us as long as we need him for like in verse 6 his bowels are filled with compassion towards us but keep on being pure and through all temptations keep in mind who you are DAUGHTERS AND SONS OF A KING. I testify that He is there in your hard times in your tears just be patient in your trials he wont take them away but he will give you strength to bare them.(Mosiah24:13-16)
Love you all! You are my source of baring through everything and knowing that all of you are being blessed

For the young men I would teach them about the great example that Captain Moroni was and how we need to be like him. There are many examples in the scriptures about great missionaries, but I know the 5th ward has so many warriors prepared to serve the lord with all their hearts. Tell them I miss them all and if it wasn't for their strength in the gospel and their example to me, I would be lost. ....There is a war out here like no other war, and its a spiritual one, one that will test their faith and love towards the Savior. All I can say is that its not easy, but its the most rewarding of them all! So tell them to grab their swords, their shields of righteousness, and put on the His armor and fear no man for the Lord is with them! I know they will be the light and the example to many. I cant wait to see them go on a journey that will change them into true disciples of God!

With much love,
 Elder Blanco

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