Saturday, June 25, 2016

That's when I felt a change inside me!

This was the week that changed me. It was truly a week of showing the Lord if I was going to keep on following by giving Him my all. The weather hasn't been so kind to us but it showed us the determination, the trust, and the faith of our investigators. We had a baptismal service this week and I have to say it wasn't easy the first time. On the day of the interview, it was pouring so much that the investigator could not make it. We were sad and our faith almost collapsed but we kept on having faith. The next day was when the miracle happened! We decided to keep on trying. We went back and tried to find them and no luck. As we walked to our next appointment, we saw them walking away. We ran and told them that we had their interview planned and they agreed to go. It all went well and they passed. The day of the baptism we went to prepare the font, but it was full of water which was already dirty and brown. It didn't drain because of all the rain, so me, my companion, the other two missionaries had to drain it with buckets. That's when I felt a change inside me! That's the moment the Lord humbled my heart and truly showed me this family and so many more are worth every single moment of pain, of being worn out. My body may hurt now but my spirit is full... This family showed me a glimpse of our Saviors pain and why he was so glad to suffer for us. I love being a servant of the Lord! It's true that he is with us even in our downfalls.

My study this week brought me to this in 2Nephi22:2" Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid;for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation". I can testify that if all of you trust in Him and let Him be a glorious melody to you and your family, no more will you say how big my trials are for with happiness you will see that when we walk with him under the storm He will be our protection.

Love you all and I keep on praying everyday that you may all grow in unity and be strengthened by His grace.

Elder Blanco

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