Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I can testify that He listens!

This week has been amazing and I know its because of all of you that with your prayers keep me going! I am blessed to have you all. I learned in the scriptures something great and that is that we all have the honor of talking to our Heavenly Father. No charges, no waiting, no appointments needed. Isn't this wonderful? In Alma 34:18-27 it helps us see this. We all have the need to cry unto him with all our heart. I love the part that says "cry unto him for mercy for he is mighty to save, yea humble yourselves, and continue in prayer unto him." And its true if we keep on seeking Him, if we pour out all the things that we might not be able to tell someone else, He will listen. He will assure us through our feelings, that He is beside us.  And even when we cant pray out loud, when the sounds of the world, when everything seems to take us far from Him, even then He lets us know that in our hearts a prayer should remain. I can testify that He listens, that He is all powerful, and that there is nothing that can ever take us away from His presence and from our families if we seek His loving words. I testify that when any of you kneel to pray, alone or with your family, He stops and listens because He knows you one by one and knows the best way to sooth your troubled hearts.

I love you all!  Keep on going, keep on praying, and let the spirit of His love guide your way!
Elder Blanco

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