Monday, April 18, 2016


This week I have learned so much about the importance of obedience while reading 1 Nefi 17:41 this is when it tells of the story in Numbers 21:4-9 about the Lord sending fiery flying serpents to all those wicked people and being humble he prepared a way for them to be healed and all they had to do was look. But because of the simple command they doubted and many perished. This really got me thinking of all the times we as members are asked to do something simple to gain blessing but for some reason we doubt making that simple decision something that we will regret in the future. For instance, missionary work, its simple. Our prophet said now is the time for missionaries and members all over to unite. He has provided the field. It even says the field is white and ready but for some reason we over see this beautiful and simple command. I know we all can build His kingdom, young or old, weak or strong, you have all been called by Him who loves you! WILL YOU ANSWER HIS CALL? I testify that I can truly see when we seek Him and acknowldege that we are nothing without Him, He humbles us to the point that we learn to love not only our trials but the commandments that he places in us. My advice to all of you is to partake of the fruit and rejoice in it like they said in general conference. Don't just taste it, but tuly partake of it and share it with those you love by helping out those missionaries in your ward. And my promise, like a representative of Jesus Christ, is that you will gain higher blessings and that no effort will be lost!
I love all of you... keep it up!

Elder Blanco

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