Monday, April 11, 2016

I love the picture of Jesus holding that black sheep!

This week was amazing! How is everyone? Are you taking care of all my little ones?? Make sure you give them lots of chocolate chip cookies from my part! For some reason, I have been thinking of all of you, and the rich blessings I have received, and I can say I am really thankful! I was thinking of my baptism this week, for I have been teaching the restoration and witnessing some amazing people  that have been making covenants with God and its truly wonderful! It has made me think of this scripture in 3Nefi7 verse 21..." there were but few who were converted unto the Lord; but as many as were converted did truly signify..that they had been visited by the power and Spirit of God." It made me think, am I truly converted? And I can say I'm still working on it. I have seen that I am loved by Him enough that he rescued me, cleansed me, and has healed my broken heart into the purification of my soul. That's why I love the picture of Jesus holding that black sheep. It gives me a powerful understanding that we all one day were stained and hurt but through His loving care, we have been cleansed and our garments have been made white, thanks to His atonement. I know it is hard to place the things of the world and its attacks aside, but I also know He can do a marvelous work in the lives of our families. If we only put aside the natural man, like it says in Mosiah3:19 and becometh a saint through the atonement and becometh like a child. I know we can do this!

I love you all and my advice is, enjoy the light that your family brings, and mostly learn from the simple teachings that your kids can give you.

Elder Blanco

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