Friday, April 8, 2016

What a joy was this conference!

What a joy, what a blessing, what a way to strengthen us was this conference! I truly felt the love that God gives me through his loyal disciples and our loving Thomas S. Monson!  I love how firm, how soothing, and sincere is his love for all of us. Many people complained about how short his talks had been, but I can say that, like in Nefi, by small things is when we truly see great things happen and that's just him. His words are simple and sweet but it carves deep into the hearts of all who seek a remission of their sins. Its the pure love of God that is transmitted through him that makes him worthy to guide us all. Oh how I love him!

This conference made me see how strong I am. I was listening to others, when I should have been listening to Him that knows me even before I was born. All this time I thought I was weak, but now I know HE BELIEVES IN ME, HE LOVES ME, AND HE CAN RESTORE THE BROKEN PIECES OF MY HEART!  Just by me realizing his celestial purpose as my Celestial Father, I know he can do this for all of you and he can restore us into something beautiful.  For once I was lost, once I was confused, but he took my hand and there I found Him. As a representative of our Lord JESUS CHRIST I can promise all of you if you seek him, if you turn unto him, his arms will surely pull you close to a warm embrace. Don't let the world define the way you should live. Like they said in the conference, we have embarked on a journey back home to leave behind the worldly things and we must not let anything weigh us down!

I love YOU all! I am also proud of the youth, you are my heroes!

Elder Blanco

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