Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Its not always sunny in Bolivia.

Its not always sunny in Bolivia.  Last week I had a massive fever for 4 days. Although I felt so bad, I still didnt want to dissapoint God and my companion, so I gave it my all.  I wont say that it was easy because it was one of the hardest days in my short mission, but I will say that God is amazing and truly blesses those that wont give up!  We had few lessons and many members made us wait, only to later cancel, but this made me become more intense and made me see how lucky I was back home to have a ward full of members that had a hunger for missionary work. After this I had to really pray, for I knew that blessings come after the trial of our faith and they pour on us differently.  This did happen to me literally. We received a pouring of rain which was a blessing! ha! We got to teach many that felt sorry for us that we got soaked, but I know that God softened their hearts and made it possible for us to deliver a message to them.  I dont know if it was the fever or the Spirit, but suddenly the words came out, and I felt really good.  I said things that I didnt even comprehend myself, but when I saw them as they teared up, thats when I realized that even in our weakest moments we are able to deliver powerful inspiring words, that even though they dont make sense, comes from God.

I know that my Savior suffered that day for my afflictions and yours and that no carnal affliction may stop His divine work. I pray for all of you each day and know that when we serve our master he doesn't sit idle rather he picks up his tools and with his strength, he starts working through us.

I love you all and I will encourage all of you to keep on building the steps that lead to that promised land!

Elder Blanco

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  1. Wonderful message Richie! Thanks for sharing with us! I know this message will help me in the future and I will think of you every time!
    You are an inspiration to us! God Bless you!