Thursday, March 17, 2016

We had 2 baptisms this week and the Spirit just overtook us all!

"And they partook of the fruit and they desired for their families to partake of it also" This was what happened this week. We had 2 baptisms this week and the Spirit just overtook us all! This family is a miracle! It took one to taste the fruit for all of them to follow God. The parents are less active but now they are coming back stronger than ever! I know that this happened, thanks to the baptism of the first daughter, for she was that light that they needed to find their way home. Makes me think of all of us, like the lights in an airport safely instructing the plane to land there but also makes me see that sometimes for an unknown reason we hide our light... AND WHY IS THAT?....For when we hide our light we limit those lost souls progress. For is it not our responsibility to bring them back home to our Father? I can truly say that I have been failing in doing this, for sometimes I have had the opportunity to share the gospel or uplift someone and I didn't. But now that I am here serving, I have seen that I was guided by all of you, my family, and I don't know if you have seen this, but thanks to all of you, I truly know what being surrounded by light feels like! This is the fruit of all your love and hard work and I know that there is more out there. I promise that the Lord will help all of you achieve His work as long as you go out there, share the gospel, nurture it and most of all TRUST IN HIM!

Elder Blanco

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