Sunday, January 10, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am sorry that I was so late to tell you all this but things here are so different.  I cant believe how time goes by so fast!  It's scary, but at the same time I have grown so much in learning the gospel and in seeing the people through God's eyes. Sometimes we go through life seeing the shell of people and making decisions based on that but with God's sight we see the sweet fruit that is within all of God's children.  It goes from a dim light to a glorious radiating light that makes us see how blind we have been.  At least that's how I have felt lately as now I see the amazing opportunities that he gives us each day to change people's lives.

Today I found out that one of the missionaries that I was with in the MTC broke down and his anxieties didn't allow him to stay on his mission for the 2nd time.  It broke my heart. I was asking myself WHAT DO I SAY, WHAT IS THE RIGHT ANSWER?  As I broke down in tears, the only thing I knew was to pray, and as the words came to me, I only thanked him for his willingness to fight and get up and try once more and that I would always be here for him, that God had a purpose for him. Sometimes we will face storms that will brake through all our defenses but knowing that Christ gave his life for us so we wouldn't suffer lets me know that when the storm passes and those clouds drift away, his redeeming light will grant us strength and an assurity that we can get up and fight.  I know that all of us can do it and fight through all this and on our journey pick up those souls that might be under all the broken pieces and cant see that light!

I love all of you and keep you in my prayers!
Elder Blanco


  1. Your love and enthusiasm for the gospel is contagious! I know you are doing so much to bless other lives. I am impressed with how you let the Spirit guide you as you talked with your missionary friend. It sounds like you said exactly what he needed to hear. You will have opportunities every day to help others as you continue to seek the promptings of the Spirit. Sending much love, Laurie Jensen

  2. hey Elder Blanco/Richy how are you doing I'm doing good i had to shave my stache got outta hand ya know i hope your mission will be great and amazing i bet it'll be the best 2 years o your life right? well the star wars movie was good can't wait till you see it and the second one in 2017 so you'll probably be there in time right? my clay missionary broke that i made at scout camp i was going to send you it but i guess ill have to make another one! haha don't be a nina gorda and eat all the food at the families house leave some left overs haha (don't be like snickers) love you Elder Blanco/Richy sincerely Dallin Kenitzer

  3. Beautifully said Elder Blanco!
    Wishing you a very Happy year with all the blessings of Heaven for you!!
    James and Cathy