Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A ward family is a huge gift from God!

So this past week was fun!  I had the opportunity to not only celebrate my oldness with my zone but to see the loving bond that a misssionary family creates. I have learned that the only way to grow is to pass through the refining fire.  It's hard sometimes here, not only spiritual but physical as well.

Sometimes I miss all of you back home to the point that I talk to investigators of how a ward family is a huge gift from God and if it wasn't for all of you, I would have been lost. I get strength by knowing that I have obtained spiritual gifts that nothing can take away.   Know that even though I miss all of you, God has promised that if I do my best and give my all to the people here, all the blessings will go back home to my family, which is all of you!  So I'm not worried because knowing this I get strength and my motivation is based on having the promise that all of you will be safe.

Thanks for allowing me to bless every one of your homes!  I can testify that a promise from God makes things so much different!  That having a knowledge of his greatness only brings us closer to one another and by loving him all other things fall in place!

Elder Blanco


  1. Happy Birthday Richy!!
    If we could send you a cake we would!
    We will celebrate with you when you get home!
    Thank you for your service and the blessings!
    You are definitely a part of our family! You have been a blessing to us from day one ONE!
    We love to hear how your mission is teaching you and touching your heart and changing you into the great man you have become! We love you!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Great to hear from you. Keep your spirit, faith and love high. We are so thankful for your example and for your service. Felicidades!