Wednesday, December 30, 2015

An out pour of the Spirit happened!

An out pour of the Spirit happened!  The people here have been so receptive, so open to talked to us. I learned that the Lord really works in mysterious ways! So all this week the heat as been intense, but even then the people here go out and work hard night and day. This makes it hard for them to keep appointments even when they strive to do so. So me and my companion prayed after our plannification for a way for them to have a day off and off we went to teach.  The day was still hot and as we went along something amazing happened.  We found some friends of a member and they talked to us about missions and why we serve them.  That led to a full discussion, that led us to a lesson.  As we closed and prayed it started to rain out of nowhere! Everything I had got wet. We hurried along the streets, still trying to make it to appointments and no luck, but the amazing part is, thanks to the rain blocking many streets, the Lord led us to others that needed us.  As the rain had stopped them from going to work it helped us to be able to teach them and set baptismal dates for them.  After those lessons, the rain ceased and we understood that the rain wasn't there to stop us but to guide our way.

Sometimes we think that many things stop our progression and that the obstacles ahead are there to make us miserable, but its till the trial of our faith that we see that those things make us stronger and that if our paths have changed, it is only because God had better plans for us. I can testify that as we see things not like the natural man but as daughters and sons of God, we will turn outwards to face our trials and uplift others instead of turning inwards to try and escape the world.

Elder Blanco