Monday, January 25, 2016

This week was full of blessings.

This week was full of blessings.  We had a live worldwide broadcast to all the missionaries that changed the missionary world. As we applied this in our area the lord blessed us with people to teach, guide, and inspire. It's amazing how God would trust such an important work to such an imperfect person like me. I know that he truly gives us strength to fight on, for it is through him that I have been blessed with this area and that I can lead his people to his everlasting happiness.

We had a ward activity that was called MINI MTC. This was made for the youth so they could see for themselves and prepare for a mission. It had great success for I saw a change in them. They went from doubting in themselves to now preparing to serve! As I served beside these amazing kids, I learned from their desire to share the gospel with others. From this desire we got 14 referrals of people awaiting the gospel! It truly changed me. In a way it prepared me for something that I wasn't even expecting, which was to train this next transfer! I don't feel I am capable of training. Its something that I'm nervous, but at the same time excited for. I will trust in God's decision, for I can't question his wisdom.  I know that as we follow his promptings and are directed by the Holy Ghost, there is no obstacle that we can't surpass!

I love you ALL!
Elder Blanco


  1. Dear Elder Blanco,
    Your letters touch me so much. Your sweet testimony and humility in serving the Lord are a great example. I can only imagine how much the people you teaching must love you. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the pictures. What a beautiful family in the picture above! What kind of new and unusual foods have you eaten? What is the weather like - is it pretty mild? You will continue to be in our prayers and thoughts! Much love, Sister Laurie Jensen

  2. Laurie said how I feel! You are a special person to those who know you and we can only learn good and worthy things from you! Your words are so tender to the heart and give us uplifting things to ponder on.
    I look forward to reading your messages!
    You are in our prayers and on our heart always!
    With love, Sister Cathy Windell