Friday, February 26, 2016

This week was a week of miracles that made me realize this sacred calling is real.

First of all sorry everyone... I found out today that there was an error in the system so what I wrote didn't go through. Another thing that made my heart rejoice was that I got letters from you... Christmas letters!  This made my days much better!  Thank you all!  Since the first time I went to church I have felt the love of all of you and it has truly made me grow so much!

This week was a week of miracles that made me realize this sacred calling is real.  I am really here and I couldn't ask for anything better!  For those that are preparing to serve, know that when you turn in your papers you are actually giving your heart out to God. You are trusting it to him. Knowing that he will mold it and that it will pass trough the refining fires of the world but this He will do so that we can truly understand His love. That Christ's atonement may change you from a weak spirit to a strong spirit, converted to the gospel, being able to fight through anything. I know that its only through pure doctrine that we may be able to endure till the last days, where we will rejoice in knowing that we gave our all, both on a mission and in life.

While I was studying the book of Mormon this week, I came upon the things which Alma saw in the Zoramites who were lost in the false ways of their own. They even denied the Christ and how he suffered. They were so corrupt that he truly prayed for them so that they may have true joy. When he did this he armed his companions with the holy spirit so that they may resist their ways. Doing this, they went out to teach and found this humble people. That's when I found something that changed me. It was in verse 13 and verse 16 of Alma 32 for it says sometimes we have to be compelled to be humble to repent but its when we repent without being compelled to be humble that we truly experience the joys of exercising our faith. I can testify that we can all see the mercy of God, but its only through falling that we are able to look up and see His arm is extended for us to know he hasn't forgotten about the covenant he made with us.

I love you all and I can only say this... give your heart so He can shape it to the point that its perfected even unto being like Him.

Elder Blanco

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