Friday, September 16, 2016

I realized that I am nothing without my Father.

I was really humbled this week to the point that I felt like the only way that I can keep on going strong is by knowing that I am weak. I realized that I am nothing without my Father. He knows me so well, he knows me even more than I know myself. This week He showed me that, and it was during my morning studies that I found myself lost, after much struggle, I offered yet another prayer and I don't know what happened but I started crying like a little kid. As I read I felt like He was there with me leading me on. It's strange, but it's during the most vulnerable moments that we put our shield down and then we let him in, to really show us how much we depend on Him. That day I felt like he was with me through all my afflictions.  It was amazing!  Never have I felt His love for me like this week! I know now that we need Him. It's pointless to go on a path that is unknown to us if we don't have Him. Trust that He was, that He is, and that He will always be our source of strength.  He loves you and me and only in our weakness can His love be manifested.

I hope when I go back those primary soldiers are ready to help God with all their hearts.  I loved that picture!  Thankkkk youuuu!  It brought tears of joy to my heart! I love them all!  Also they are growing so fast! I don't like it. I really don't know what I need for now. Seeing all the pictures and knowing all of you are ok makes me happy. I couldn't receive anything better than watching all of you smile. Thank you for the love!  

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